Why Betting on the Favorites is Not Always Ideal in Soccer Betting

Why Betting on the Favorites is Not Always Ideal in Soccer Betting

In the world of soccer betting, it’s common for those engaged in online soccer betting in Singapore to gravitate towards backing the favorites—the teams or players perceived to have the highest chance of winning. After all, favorites are often backed by strong statistics, form, and reputation, making them seem like the safest bet. However, mindlessly betting on the favorites is not always the most profitable strategy.

Why Betting on the Favorites May Not Be Ideal

  • Low Odds, Low Returns: One of the main drawbacks of betting on the favorites is the relatively low Singapore Pools sports football odds offered by bookmakers. Due to their perceived superiority and higher likelihood of winning, favorites often have lower odds compared to underdogs or less-fancied teams. As a result, betting on the favorites may yield lower returns on investment, especially when considering the associated risks and uncertainties.
  • Upsets and Underdog Victories: Soccer is inherently unpredictable, and upsets or underdog victories are not uncommon in the sport. Even the most dominant teams can be defeated by underdogs on any given day, often due to factors such as injuries, team dynamics, or tactical surprises. Betting solely on the favorites without considering the possibility of upsets can leave bettors vulnerable to unexpected outcomes and missed opportunities to capitalise on value bets.
  • Market Imbalance and Public Bias: The popularity of betting on favorites can lead to market imbalance and public bias, with a disproportionate amount of betting activity focused on these teams. This can distort the odds and create value opportunities on less-fancied teams or alternative betting markets. Avoiding the crowd mentality and seeking out value in undervalued options provides bettors a competitive edge and increases their chances of profitable outcomes.
  • Long-Term Profitability: While betting on favorites may yield short-term gains in certain scenarios, it may not be sustainable as a long-term betting strategy. Over time, the lower odds and higher risk associated with favorites can erode profits and diminish overall returns on investment. To achieve long-term profitability in soccer betting, bettors should adopt a diversified approach that incorporates value-based betting principles, risk management strategies, and disciplined bankroll management.


While betting on the favorites may seem like a safe and straightforward approach in soccer betting, bettors need to recognise its limitations and drawbacks. By considering factors such as value, risk, market dynamics, and alternative betting options, bettors can make more informed decisions and maximise their chances of success in the unpredictable world of soccer betting.